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Residential plot prices jump up to 60% as some areas reach their full capacity

Posted by Luxury Link Properties on January 22, 2024

Title: Dubai Real Estate Experiences Surge in Plot Prices: A Closer Look

The real estate market in Dubai is undergoing a significant shift with a surge of up to 60% in plot prices for villa and residential building developments. This spike is attributed to the growing demand for new projects to meet the unprecedented post-pandemic demand.

Demand Overflows in Prime Areas

Prime areas such as Business Bay, Downtown, Marina, and Palm Jumeirah are facing either limited availability of new plots or are nearing their full capacity, with only a handful of plots left for new tower developments. Notably, beachfront properties along E-11 highways like Marina and Palm Jumeirah, as well as areas in Downtown and Business Bay, have experienced higher demand and subsequent price increases.

International Developers Join the Fray

The influx of new developers from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East into Dubai’s property market has further intensified the demand for plots. These developers are looking to capitalize on the promising returns offered by the thriving real estate market in Dubai.

Residential Villa Plots See Substantial Increases

An advisor sheds light on the substantial price increases in luxury segments like Jumeirah Bay, Palm Jumeirah, Pearl Jumeirah, and La Mer South Island. The average price hikes in these areas range from 25% to 30%, with Jumeirah Bay witnessing even higher increases at 45% to 50%.

Emerging Mega Communities Drive Demand

The introduction of mega-communities like Emaar’s $20-billion The Oasis and Azizi Developments’ Dh30 billion Venice has led to a surge in demand for residential project developments. These developments contribute to the scarcity of available plots in prime locations.

Expectation of Further Price Surges

Rizwan Sajan, chairman and founder of Danube Group, notes that plot prices in most areas have risen by 20-30%, with some areas experiencing a staggering increase of 50-60%. He anticipates substantial increases in plot prices for upcoming developments, emphasizing the fast-paced appreciation in sought-after areas like Downtown.


Dubai’s real estate market continues to evolve, with surging plot prices driven by both local and international factors. While prime areas face limited availability, secondary locations still offer options for development. The increasing demand for plots signals a robust real estate landscape in Dubai, making it a dynamic market for investors and developers alike.

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